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Open House

Open House

The Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC) is one of the city’s earliest immigrant settlement agencies. Originally established to assist the wave of Chinese immigrants to the City, it is currently serving all nationalities of newcomers to the City.

Early 2016 OCCSC decided to contribute and respond to Canada’s commitment to help resettle Syrian refugees in Ottawa. Our settlement, language training and employment support services became open to Syrian refugees who have settled in Ottawa.

More than 1500 Syrian refugees already benefited from OCCSC settlement, language training and employment support services since launching the S2016ervice for Syrian Refugees Program SSRP on 2016.

The OCCSC offers you an opportunity to visit our new office, meet our staff and clients, network with our partners and learn more about our special tailored to Syrian refugees programs.

Our mission is to help newcomers integrate socially and economically into Canadian society and as Canadian citizens.””””

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